interior design milano DVDV architetti

Interior / Architecture

Blue and concrete

Year: 2018
Area 120 mq
Project: Arch. Davide Vizzini, DVDV Studio Architetti
Collaborators: Daniele Buso, Silvia Comi, Zuzana Kulhankova, Ecenur Yesildag
Structures: Ing. Renzo Buzzi
Photo: Filippo Romano

The apartment is located in a southern suburb of Milan, the project connects a studio with a terrace on the first floor with a three-room apartment on the ground floor.

The project organizes the space by volumes rather than in plan. This approach will soon discover a need for a mezzanine and leads to a design of an iron footbridge.

Together with the staircase it will become the axis of symmetry of the whole apartment. As a result, the plan and the section seem to be squeezed in the middle like a butterfly shaped pasta.

The spaces, volumes and functions are gently intertwined to enable the flow of light, air and sight. Most of the vertical partitions are glazed.


interior design milano
interior design milano

Soft mechanical processes

To summarize, the apartment is a catalogue of various types of shapes resulting of soft mechanical processes operated by a 90t bender.
The staircase is divided in two parts: a concrete podium on the ground and iron cantilevered quadrangular profiles on the top.
Almost all pieces of furniture have been custom designed: “POI” is a modular system of drilled panels and shelves; “BAU” is a dining table made of a black walnut top held by four brass feet with different folded shapes that enter and cut the wooden top; “ZAG” is a suspension kitchen lamp made of a bended brass sheet and luminous panels.

Stanza blu e mobili modulari POI

tavolo BAU
tavolo BAU, dettaglio

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