En-suite shower in Prague

střešní byt v Praze

Year: 2019
Place: Prague
Project: Davide Vizzini, DVDV Studio Architetti
Collaborators: Francesca Beggio, Zuzana Kulhánková, Lucia Messore, Sara Paternò, Ecenur Yesildag.

The owners of a beautiful attic in Prague with a panoramic view had a concise request: placing a shower and a sink in their bedroom.

To respond to their request the architect created a wall system inspired by the idea of an interactive membrane gradually changing its use and meaning. He creatively researched ways to reveal the essence of materials and their surface. The wall is a puzzle of materials and surface treatments with varying vibrations and the ways they reflect light. In his approach he aims to avoid having the bathroom fittings seem impertinent or unpleasant inside of a bedroom.

recessed basin in boiserie

handmade wood paneling

Embroidery craft

The basin fits into the graphic concept of the wooden wall both in closed and open configuration.

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